Horse Betting on Best Bookies Online

Horseracing has existed ever since man stumbled across an animal for the very first time many centuries ago. Letís face it, people will watch a race between any type of animal or machine, but horseracing has a special place in the hearts of people all over the world. The sport is, and has been, one of the most popular on the planet for eons. And like most other sports, itís popular with bettors. In fact itís estimated that horseracing generates well over $100 billion each and every year.

Horse racing is known as equestrian sport and there are three basic forms. These are flat racing, steeple chasing and harness racing. Flat racing is the most basic of all where itís just horses with jockeys on them. Steeple chasing is where the horses also jump barriers while racing and harness racing sees the horses pulling a sulky, which is a small light cart with a driver in it. You might want to compare it to the ancient sport of chariot racing. At 888 several types are covered.

The types of races and tracks and their distances vary in different nations. Youíve got thoroughbred, quarter horse, standardbred, endurance, and Arabian horse racing for example. The most popular though are the thoroughbreds, which typically race between 5 and 12 furlongs, which is about .63 to 1.5 miles in length.

The first racetrack was built in North America way back in 1665 and horseracing has gained in popularity ever since with organized racing beginning in 1868. The Triple Crown is considered to be the ultimate in horseracing and this consists of three separate races, which are the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes.

Most race tracks allow gambling where you can lay bets on certain horse in something known as parimutuel betting. This is where the bettorsí money is pooled together and then shared out proportionally between the winners after deductions have been made which are shared between the participants. In other parts of the world, fixed-odds betting is the most popular. Parimutuel gambling also keeps the taxman happy as he takes his cut out of it.

There are numerous types of wagers that can be made on horseracing at 888, with the most popular being win, place, show, exactor, trifecta, superfecta, and box. Going down to the track or an off-track betting site to make a wager is very popular with horseracing enthusiasts. But thereís a better way to enjoy the action these days if you canít make it out to place a bet for some reason. All you need to do is turn a computer on and make a wager online at best bookmakers. This allows you to bet on your favorite horses and races from anywhere in the world.

Online horseracing betting at best bookies includes full track odds for all of the top races as there are more than 100 different race tracks to wager on. You can make your bets online, by telephone, and by your mobile wireless device. 888 also offers live streaming of horseracing events from many of the countryís top tracks.

The latest in technology is used to ensure all transactions are handled safely, securely, and privately. If you have any problems at all on the 888 site be sure to contact their customer service team as itís open 24 hours a day seven days a week.